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Hydraulic Adapters Tough Enough for the Construction Industry

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Air-Way Manufactures Hydraulic Adapters and Solutions Tough Enough for the Construction and Heavy Equipment Industry

The construction industry focuses on the building, maintaining, and repairing of roads, buildings, and other structures. Here at Air-Way Global Manufacturing, we are pleased to offer a variety of hydraulic fittings for the companies who build, maintain and repair the heavy equipment used in construction. This equipment is put to the test every day, and must be durable, reliable, and efficient while operating at construction sites. Heavy equipment vehicles have  hydraulic systems specifically designed for their application. And, these hydraulic systems must work properly in environments that are filled with dust, sand, mud, and other particles. 

You can find our hydraulic fittings and adapters as part of hard working hydraulic systems on all types of equipment like skid steers, excavators, front-end loaders, back hoes, bulldozers and a variety of heavy equipment vehicles from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers. In addition to our full line of fittings and adapters, we offer quick-release couplings that are ideal in construction settings, where different attachments may be needed throughout the project. Hydraulic couplings and all of our adapters include corrosion resistant coatings helping them stand up in the harsh environment.

Quality Hydraulic Solutions No Matter the Application

Hydraulic systems on heavy equipment are under pressure. So are the construction workers and equipment operators on the job site. We work with OEMs to provide technical engineering design to ensure you have the right hydraulic fittings for your application. We also qualify our products through pressure testing, corrosion resistance, and other means, making sure our customers get the highest levels of quality in every adapter. One hydraulic assembly failure can delay an entire construction project. Not with Air-Way Global Manufacturing. You can count on our powerful, dependable, and performance-oriented hydraulic solutions.

OEM Hydraulic Solutions from Air-Way

Since Air-Way owns the entire manufacturing process start to finish, customers have a unique advantage. They can count on us for total hydraulic solutions. We’re able to support you with experienced technical design engineers for custom hydraulic fittings, and our OEM Solution Centers provide complete hydraulic hose assemblies, adapter products, and supply chain solutions.  Learn more about them here.

More Than A Fitting Supplier. We’re The Manufacturer

Whether you’re looking for replacement hydraulic adapters or a specific a new part for your unique hydraulic application, Air-Way Global Mfg. can help. You can shop all of our hydraulic fittings online now, contact us for a  quote request or get in touch with us to discuss any custom fittings you may need. If many of the top OEMs of Heavy Equipment count on Air-Way, you can too!

  • We’re Headed to ConExpo 2020

    If you’ve ever attended ConExpo in the past, you know it is an incredible opportunity to connect with vendors, manufacturers, and potential customers. Our staff is looking forward to ConExpo 2020, which will be held March 10-14. Visit our booth to learn more about our company, and the many hydraulic solutions we provide to some of the top OEMs in the world. Our team is excited about sharing how our technical engineering and design staff, can support our customers with hydraulic solutions for their specific applications.
  • We Provide Engineering Support for Hydraulic System Design

    Is your business struggling with the skills gap or worker shortage in today’s ever changing economy? We see it with many OEMs and hydraulic machinery manufacturers. Over the last several years our technical engineers have worked with an increased amount of customers to assist in their hydraulic system design, and component selection. Regardless of whether you need hose assemblies (hoses and adapters) or just components, we can help.
  • Manufacturing Month at Air-Way

    Since our inception in 1950, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic fittings and adapters for major OEMs across the world. Manufacturing continues to change and evolve, from how hydraulic systems are designed, assembled, to how equipment is designed and more. Adapt to Anything isn’t just our tag line, it’s our way of life and business.

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