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Semi-Truck Hydraulic Fittings – Keeping Your Fleet Running and People Safe on the Road. 

Air-Way Global Manufacturing specializes in components critical to semi-truck fleet maintenance, supplying distributors, dealers and semi-truck repair shops with an extensive inventory of hydraulic fittings and hose – made to last.

As design experts and manufacturers of hydraulic fittings for the trucking and transportation industry, Air-Way is dedicated to helping you continue to develop new products and equipment that meet the needs of your end users and keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

We supply the fittings and hoses you need to maintain and repair hydraulic wet line systems helping drivers and operators keep their uptime on time. We understand that fleet vehicle safety is a constant concern and a well-maintained truck is a safe truck; that’s why we are dedicated to providing a fully stocked inventory of hose fittings, hose assemblies, hydraulic line hose ends and much more.

Our trucking and fleet maintenance expertise extends beyond semi-trucks to include a variety of different transportation equipment including:

Utility Bucket trucks

Garbage Trucks

Fire Trucks

Cement Trucks

Snow Plow & Snow Removal Equipment

Pumper trucks

Tow Trucks

Many More

If you’ve got a semi-truck hydraulic issue that can’t be solved with a straight forward fitting, contact our Custom Design Team. From the initial idea concept, through design development, and final part production, Air-Way offers the support and expertise you need to complete your project.

To learn more about our hydraulic fittings and adapters for the Truck and Transportation Industry, please call us at 800-253-1036 or contact us today.

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