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Company Video: The Air-Way Way

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Adapting to Anything Since 1950

Air-Way Global Manufacturing continues to be an industry leader by supplying hydraulic fittings and adapters in an ever-changing global marketplace. Flexibility, expertise and dedication to customer service make Air-Way Global Manufacturing the best choice when it comes to delivering parts on time and on spec – anywhere in the world.

“Any piece of equipment that has hydraulic systems on it, Air-Way has been involved with. We’ve been selling to the hydraulic industry for over 70 years now.” - John Hamm, President of Manufacturing and Engineering for Air-Way Manufacturing

“Air-Way Global Manufacturing offers several special abilities such as packaging, labeling, and various ordering options,” shares Jen Seeley, Assistant Customer Service Manager. These options give our customers more flexibility in ordering, delivery and even in their internal production processes.

Mark Place, VP of Business Development added, “Air-Way is unique because of our flexibility and agility. We’re big enough to play with the big boys but we’re small enough to be agile; we can bend when we need to.” Global OEMs turn to Air-Way for exceptional quality, custom part production and service they count on to keep their production lines running.



Customer Support Line

As a company that began through the efforts of two families working together, Air-Way Manufacturing values human connection both internally and with our customers. Air-Way has a history of collaboration with customers and providing dedicated, personalized service with every customer project.

“What sets Air-Way apart from our competitors is the personal touch. We have an awesome customer service team that really cares. You can get on the phone and talk to anyone at Air-Way, be it the Vice President of Engineering all the way to the President of Sales.” - John Hamm, President of Manufacturing and Engineering for Air-Way Manufacturing

“When you call Air-Way you get a person. You don’t get a machine. You get to talk to someone and that’s important,” said Jen Seeley, Assistant Customer Service Manager. In an age where most communication channels are automated or online, it’s important that customers are able to connect with the people working on their account, their designs and their orders.

Special Hydraulic Fitting Designs & Rapid Prototyping

Air-Way creates custom hydraulic fittings to meet specific and unique application requirements for customers. Decades of manufacturing experience, from initial idea concept, through design, development, and final part production, ensure a high-quality end result, no matter how demanding the specifications. Air-Way’s in-house capabilities, including tool design, production and testing, enable us to complete parts quickly and manufacture with more flexibility.

“We are very good at working with customers and developing custom-designed fitting and adapter products, which may be from a very detailed engineering drawing provided by the customer. We are able to take this information, work in collaboration with our customer and come up with a product that works for both of us.” - Bill Blank, President of Finance and Marketing

Hydra-Flex Hydraulic Solution Centers

In addition to the four Air-Way Global Manufacturing production facilities in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, there are two Hydra-Flex Solutions Centers located in Livonia, Michigan and Charlotte, North Carolina, which stock a broad range of Air-Way steel and stainless steel adapters and maintain a large inventory of hydraulic and pneumatic hose, fittings, and tubing. Hydra-Flex joined the Air-Way Manufacturing family in 1997.

“At Hydra-Flex, we only align ourselves with top tier products in the industry. We are always going to be there for our customers. We have the support of the ownership and the employees of this company to support our customers. We make sure our employees know they are one of our biggest strengths,” adds Bill Berlin, Vice President of Hydra-Flex

“The benefits of being owned by a larger company like Air-Way include: providing us with resources, engineering support, and technical support so that we can provide more of a consolidated approach to customers. We added the Air-Way Global logo to the Hydra-Flex logo and we added Solutions Center. Why? Because we don’t want to just ship products or take orders, we want to be a real solutions provider.” - Charley Blank, President of Hydra-Flex

Flexibility, Personal Service and Hydraulic Manufacturing Expertise

The ability to meet customer needs, a focus on personal customer service, and comprehensive manufacturing expertise are the reasons global manufacturing leaders choose Air-Way for their hydraulic fittings and adapters.

“If you’re looking for a quality hydraulic fitting manufacturer Air-Way is the place for you. We’ve been around for 70 years. We’re an independent, family-owned business in our fourth generation of leadership. I’m a member of the third generation and three generations are still working here today. We feel that we have better employee retention because of that and with that you gain employee knowledge through the years, so we see that as a real strength.” - John Hamm

“If you appreciate personal service and expertise, Air-Way is your company.” - Jen Seely

“We’re always going to be there for our customers. They come first.” - Bill Berlin

To learn more about our story, view our extensive online catalog, or part customization capabilities contact us today!

  • Coronavirus Response For Customers

    We remain staffed and in production at all locations, both US and China, including our Edgerton, Ohio, facility. Air-Way supplies Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Agriculture, Construction, Fire and Rescue, Defense, Access Equipment, and Material Handling industries to name a few. Several of our largest customers have been classified as “Essential Critical Infrastructure”. As an integral supplier to these companies, Air-Way will continue operations at all of our facilities with as little disruption as possible.
  • Seven Key Qualities To Consider When Selecting Your Supplier

    Just like a chain is only as good as its weakest link, a company is only as good as its worst supplier. Suppliers play a critical role in the production process, providing the materials a company uses to produce its own products and provide services. The right supplier can help a manufacturer improve the production process, maximize capabilities, create cost efficiencies, and deliver a higher-quality product. For some organizations, their suppliers are the secret sauce to their own success.
  • ATTENTION: Visitors to Air-Way Global Manufacturing Facilities

    Air-Way proudly associates with businesses throughout the world and empathizes with the hardships that organizations are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Currently, this is a global concern, particularly in China and parts of Europe. As a company, we have an obligation to do our part to prevent its spread.

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