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Marine and Boating Industries

Hydraulic Components for the Marine & Boating Industry

The Marine Industry has been relying on Air-Way Manufacturing for our specialty marine-grade hydraulic fittings and components for years!

Hydraulic components on equipment used in or around the oceans need to be reliable, durable and stand up to some of the harshest conditions. We specialize in providing marine hydraulic fittings that are built to last including:

Marine Applications

A hydraulic fitting operating in an ocean environment with salt spray and other corrosion-inducing factors needs a different material than a fitting in a dry application. At Air-Way, we offer a wide array of high-corrosion resistant platings to keep your equipment running efficiently and effectively, and at a fair price.

To learn more about our marine hydraulic fittings and adapters, please call us at 800-253-1036 or contact us today. Our technical engineering team is always available to learn more about your marine application and help identify to right fitting, hose, or material for the job. And, if we don’t have it, we can make custom hydraulic fittings just for your application.

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Our online catalog represents only a portion of what we manufacture and offer. We specialize in handling special requests based on your application.

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