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Friday, July 28, 2017

At Air-Way, not only to our customers count on us for manufacturing high quality hydraulic fittings and adapters, but delivering these fittings over an expansive global platform. As an international supplier, we understand the global supply and demand challenges large-scale companies face. In fact, we have first-hand experience. It’s that experience and solution-driven mentality that makes Air-Way Global Manufacturing the best choice when it comes to delivering parts on time and on spec – anywhere in the world.

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A Growth Mindset

From our humble beginnings in Romeo, Michigan, Air-Way has always functioned from a growth oriented mindset. Moving from Romeo to Olivet, Michigan and expanding into Indiana and Ohio was just the first step. In 1997, Air-Way acquired Hydra-Flex, a regional supplier to automotive and other OEMs throughout the Midwest. Together, they are now One Air-Way, supporting OEM customers under the Air-Way brand with complete hydraulic hose assemblies, adapter products, and supply chain solutions.  

From Local to Global  

In 2001 Air-Way made its move into the global manufacturing sphere by purchasing Pacific Hose & Fittings and expanding our service area into Canada and North America. In 2005, Air-Way established our Pacific Manufacturing facility in Shandong, China, helping us further streamline our global supply chain by getting quality hydraulic fittings and adapters into the hands of customers within a condensed timeframe.

Since then, we have also expanded  domestic hydraulic manufacturing facilities – opening a plant in Hamilton, Indiana and adding a Hydra-Flex Hose and Fitting Solutions Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What “Going Global” Means to Air-Way

One Air-Way.

We function under a “One Air-Way” mentality. That means we include one set of engineering specifications, regardless of location, including dimensional, performance, cleanliness, and corrosion resistance (salt spray). No matter where you are sourcing your Air-Way fittings, expect the same level of quality and performance.

A vibrant global workforce.

Our workforce is extensive and wide-reaching. For example, we have the ability to service any customer's Asian locations directly from our Air-Way Pacific facility in China. Our facility in Canada allows us to service many regions of North America and our newly opened Hydra-Flex OEM Solutions Center in North Carolina has made our ability to work with customers in the Southern region of North America better than ever.

Manufacturing facilities standardized across the board.

We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2015 certified ensuring part accuracy and quality manufacturing on a global level, and are responsible environmental stewards as well.

Condensed lead times and supplies assurance.

The value-added by our regional hydraulic solutions centers and international facilities significantly increase Air-Way’s total inventory and custom hose assembly capabilities. This reduces the distance between the inventory and our customers, allowing us to provide customer-specific products and supply chain solutions when you need them. Ask us about our vendor managed inventory solutions, too.

Transparent, streamlined customer communication.

Our global capabilities bring an enhanced level of customer service to the table. There is no delay due to time zone interference and transit, we have strategically located our facilities throughout the world to ensure we are available – anywhere, anytime.

Our online portal also allows customers to access quotes, specials, RFQ information along with past orders and order information anytime, anywhere. Have an account? Login now. Want an account? Request one now.

Over the years, we have learned how to change based on the needs of our growing, international customer base. We see value in serving global OEMs as a results-driven international hydraulic fittings manufacturer focused on delivering higher quality parts, with a team that is easy to reach for answers you need, as efficiently as possible.

To learn more about our story, view our extensive online catalog, or part customization capabilities contact us today!

  • FLARE-O Fittings: Precise Fittings for Precise Applications

    Our FLARE-O product line provides a leak free solution for very precise areas on a piece of equipment or machinery. With the addition of an elastomeric O-Ring positioned in a strategic area of the sealing boundaries, hydraulic leaks vanish. A drop-in replacement for SAE 37 Degree Flared Tube Fittings, the elastomeric O-Ring on the FLARE-O hydraulic fitting product line provides the tightest seal available on the market.
  • Changing Market Demands Drive Increase in US Domestic Inventory & Production Capabilities

    Changing market demands from OEM Manufacturers and product engineers require more domestic US support and regional in-sourcing than ever before. We are adapting and continue to add more US domestic manufacturing capacity and inventory to serve our customers.
  • What Straight Threads Do I Need?

    Threads are complex, and these simple designation techniques are just the tip of the iceberg. Keep in mind, these procedures should only be used to identify a thread, not for thread inspection. However, following these simple guidelines will get you on the right track to identifying the threads you already have or need.

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