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One Company, Many Hydraulic Solutions at ConExpo 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

Air-Way Manufacturing has a strong history of doing what it takes to meet the changing needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors worldwide. Our hydraulic fittings and adapters are often manufactured in collaboration with our customers to provide them with one-of-a-kind solutions to even the most challenging hydraulic applications. Since our start in 1950, we have always set our sights on growth and improvement – and 2017 will be no exception.

Over the past few years we have continued to improve our operations and production processes to better serve customers. This year at ConExpo 2017 we are emerging as a company that not only owns the manufacturing process, but is capable of offering total hydraulic assemblies (both fittings and hoses) to some of the largest and most recognized Original Equipment Manufacturers in the world. We are one Air-Way.

With an ever-growing number of hydraulic fitting suppliers available today, trust is what matters. It’s what cements a professional relationship and helps it grow into a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership. OEMs are moving toward reducing the number of vendors they work with and are instead, looking for more products from a single entity they trust and value. In addition, OEMs are looking to their suppliers to provide creative supply chain solutions to complement their quality, product availability, and cost benchmarks.  Air-Way Global Manufacturing represents trusted providers rolled into a single company, built to provide OEMs with total hydraulic assemblies, from start to finish, anywhere in the world.

We are a total OEM Hydraulic Solutions Provider

Air-Way Manufacturing: We provide both standard and custom designed hydraulic fittings manufactured in any of our global manufacturing facilities.  We maintain a large stock for our customers, and have established ourselves as the preferred source for customer-specific manufactured fittings.

Hydra-Flex, Inc.: In 1997, Air-Way acquired Hydra-Flex, Inc., a regional supplier to automotive and OEMs throughout the Midwest. We have recently transitioned Hydra-Flex from operating as a traditional distributor toward supporting regional OEM customers under the Air-Way brand with complete hydraulic hose assembly, adapter products, and supply chain solutions.  Our US based Solution Centers are located in Livonia, MI and Charlotte, NC.

Hydra-Flex is also a Manuli Hydraulics OEM Alliance Partner, meaning that we have been certified by Manuli Hydraulics to provide OEM-grade hydraulic hose assemblies that meet industry standards for quality, performance, and reliability.

Air-Way Canada: This Air-Way team supports the Western Canadian provinces with the complete range of Air-Way hydraulic adapters and a broad selection of both hydraulic hose assemblies and accessories.  Air-Way Canada facilities are located in Langley, BC and Edmonton, AB.

Together, we are Air-Way Global Manufacturing

With two international locations (Air-Way Pacific and Air-Way Canada) and regional facilities in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina, our expanded geographic reach will bring an enhanced level of customer service to the table. We are committed to maintaining a continuous strategy  to streamline the manufacturing process, elevate our level of communication, and provide a faster turn-around time for part design, production and delivery.

In today’s world, custom hydraulic fittings and adapters are expected to be within arm’s reach. The value-added by our regional hydraulic solutions centers will significantly increase Air-Way’s total inventory and custom hose assembly capabilities.  More importantly, this will reduce the distance between  inventory and our customers, and allow us to provide customer-specific product and supply chain solutions. Our global reach, ownership of the manufacturing process, and now collaboration, differentiate us from the competition and makes choosing Air-Way an easy, cost-effective decision.

ConExpo-Con/Ag Exhibition, Booth S-83205

For the first time, Air-Way and  Hydra-Flex and Air-Way Canada will be exhibiting together at CONEXPO-CON/AGG as Air-Way Global Manufacturing. Taking place from March 7th-11th in Las Vegas, NV, every major construction industry will be represented. With 2,500+ exhibitors, it’s the largest construction and agricultural equipment show in the world. Arriving as “One Air-Way,” a hydraulic solutions company where high-quality manufacturing and customer service is the priority. We are excited to display our expanding capabilities and continue serving as the preferred source for all hydraulic fittings, adapters and hose assemblies world-wide. Look for us at Booth S-83205 – South Building.

If you’d like to talk to us more about our OEM and other hydraulic hose assembly and fitting solutions, please contact us today, or visit us at ConExpo in March!

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