Straight Hydraulic Line & Hose Fittings | Air-Way Manufacturing

403 Braze Tube Union series

403-L Braze Bulkhead Union series

404 Male Pipe Union series

405 Braze Female Pipe Union series

900 Braze 37° Female Swivel Union series

800 Braze Female Pipe Swivel Union series

1404 Female Adapter Union to Male Pipe series

SAE J514 140130

1405 Female Adapter Union to Female Pipe series

SAE J514 140131

1700-61 Code 61 Flange Adapter series

2403 Male Union series

SAE J514 070101 / MS51501

2403-LH Large Hex Union series

SAE J514 070119 / MS51519

2404 Male Connector series

SAE J514 070102 / MS51500

2404-L Male Long Connector series

2404-LL Male Extra Long Connector series

2405 Female Connector series

SAE J514 070103 / MS51503

2406 Reducing Adapter (One Piece) series


2407 Reducing Adapter series

SAE J514 070123 / MS51534 / MS39323

2408 Male Plug series

SAE J514 070109 / MS51518

2700 Bulkhead Union series

SAE J514 070601 / MS51520

2705 Female Pipe/Bulkhead Connector series

2706 Male Pipe/Bulkhead Connector series

3300-61 Braze Code 61 Flanged Head series

4305 Barbed Hose/Swivel Connector series

4404 Male Pipe Thread Hose Connector series

SAE J1231 430160

4604 Male Straight Thread Hose Connector series

SAE J1231 430192

5000 Hexagon Pipe Coupling series

SAE J514 140138

5404 Hexagon Pipe Nipple series

SAE J514 140137

5404-N Straight Pipe Nipple series

5405 Pipe Adapter series

SAE J514 140139

5406 Pipe Reducer Bushing series

SAE J514 140140

5406-C Heavy Duty Female Pipe Cap Nut series

5406-P Male Pipe Plug series

SAE J531 130109E

6400 Straight Thread Connector series

SAE J514 070120 / MS51525 / MS39324

6400-L Straight Thread Connector Long series

SAE J514 071720 formally 070122 / MS51526

6401 Straight Thread/Male Pipe Adapter series

6402 Straight Thread/Swivel Adapter series

6403 Straight Thread Union series

6404 O-ring Port/Male Pipe Adapter series

6405 Straight Thread/Female Pipe Adapter series

6407 Straight Thread Adjustable Union series

6408 Hexagon Head O-ring Boss Plug series

SAE  J1926-4/J514 090109A 

6409 Hexagon Socket O-ring Boss Plug series

SAE J1926-4/J514 090109B

6410 Straight Thread Reducer/Expander series

6504 Tube/Swivel Union series

6505 Male Pipe/Swivel Connector series

6506 Female Pipe/Swivel Connector series

6509 Swivel/ Female Straight Thread Connector series

6565 Double Swivel Union series

6900 Female Adapter Union to Male Straight series

SAE J514 140157

31205-61 Code 61 Split Flange Clamp series

31205-62 Code 62 Split Flange Clamp series

Long Allen Plugs series

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