Staff Feature: Kevin Davis, VP of Engineering | Air-Way Manufacturing

Staff Feature: Kevin Davis, VP of Engineering

Thursday, November 3, 2016

What is your current position at Air-Way? How long have you held this position? What are your responsibilities?

I am the Vice President of Engineering and have been in this position for six years. I am responsible for managing and overseeing the engineering and manufacturing technology departments. I also provide technical support to our customers, as well as our subsidiary companies: Air-Way Canada, Air-Way Pacific and Hydra-Flex. 

Have you held previous positions at Air-Way? If so, what were they?

I began my career at Air-Way as a CAD Designer and Research and Development (R&D) Lab Technician. I have also held the following positions: R&D Engineer, R&D Manager and Engineering Manager.

How long have you been employed at Air-Way?

I started with Air-Way in September 1993 and have been with Air-Way for 23 years. I have also been a voting member of the SAE Fluid Conductors and Connectors Technical Committee (FCCTC) for 15 years.

In your opinion, what does Air-Way do differently than its competitors? How does Air-Way differentiate itself from competitors?

One of Air-Way’s greatest strengths is in our responsiveness to the customer; whether it’s rapidly responding to a customer inquiry or supplying a large volume of fittings on a short lead-time order, we can do it and do it well. Air-Way is large enough with more-than-adequate capacity to supply the OEM market, yet small enough to react quickly to urgent customer needs regardless of their size.

Are there any career highlights that stick to you to this day?

Every day at Air-Way is a highlight in my career because I am fortunate enough to work with such an outstanding group of people. With 23 years here, and many employees who’ve been here a long time, the work atmosphere is like one large family, and I love that. We work together and collectively are able to take great care of our customers and each other.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I enjoy working with OEM’s on hydraulic solutions for new product builds. As an engineer and with my background, getting into the different hydraulic applications and assisting customers with the right stock or custom fittings is what I enjoy most.

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