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Market Expansion Opportunity Leads to a Restructure of Leadership

Monday, November 28, 2016

Air-Way Global Manufacturing has reorganized its leadership roles in order to increase market expansion and provide a more comprehensive customer experience. The previous Vice President of Quality, Mark Place, has become the new Vice President of Business Development. Brian Clever now serves as the Vice President of Quality after his previous Plant Manager position at Air-Way’s Edgerton, Ohio facility.

“The restructuring of positions was designed to strengthen our relationship with current and potential customers, and overall increase market expansion,” said the new Vice President of Business Development, Mark Place. “Our goal is to focus on Air-Way’s expertise and global presence in order to achieve these goals.”

Mark Place has been working with Air-Way Global Manufacturing for over 35 years. For the past 16 years Mark held the Vice President of Quality position. His responsibilities as the new Vice President of Business Development will include: managing the company’s business development initiatives by expanding accounts, leads and opportunity management. Mark will develop marketing engineering tactics to accomplish these initiatives, opposed to standard sales tactics.


Brian Clever has been working with Air-Way Global Manufacturing for over 18 years. He specializes in quality management and lean manufacturing concepts, which will significantly benefit his new Vice President of Quality position.

“Experiencing change and the restructuring of positions within a global business, such as Air-Way, is a good sign; It proves that we are striving for improved work processes and greater achievements. ” said Mark.

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