Air-Way Global Manufacturing Celebrates 70th Anniversary: Family-owned hydraulic fitting company commemorates 7 decades of success | Air-Way Manufacturing

Air-Way Global Manufacturing Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Family-owned hydraulic fitting company commemorates 7 decades of success.

OLIVET, MI: This year, Air-Way Global Manufacturing is celebrating its 70th year of operations. The family-owned company, started in an old airplane hangar in Romeo, Michigan, has since become the largest independent hydraulic fitting manufacturer in the United States.

Since their start in 1950, Air-Way Global has thrived amongst its competitors, serving numerous industries and hundreds of clients. Air-Way has found success through a unique approach that allows the organization to stay dedicated to tradition and family values, all while operating on a global scale. Founded by the Hamm and Jacob families, the second, third and fourth generations are still a part of the company’s leadership today. The family-owned business serves customers ranging from John Deere and Caterpillar to NASA.

As a company that began through the efforts of two families working together, Air-Way saw major success last year, even amidst the global pandemic. President of Manufacturing and Engineering John Hamm said “We had already transitioned our key people’s abilities to successfully work from home which made the unplanned requirement to do so achievable.” The entire team fully embodied integrity, transparency, and collaboration in the face of a challenge, and it paid off. Air-Way Global Manufacturing continues to be an approved supplier to several of the largest and most recognized Original Equipment Manufacturers in the world.

  • Industries that Benefit from Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fittings & Adapters

    Stainless steel adapters and hydraulic fittings offer machine manufacturers multiple advantages over standard steel and plastic options. While stainless can be challenging to machine, oftentimes, it is the right or only solution, and Air-Way has the experience.
  • Reaching New Heights: Supplying Parts for NASA’s Telescope Quickly and Efficiently

    Located on Ascension Island, about halfway between South America and Africa in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, NASA’s 20-thousand-pound Meter Class Autonomous Telescope (MCAT) hunts the sky for space debris. The telescope is part of the ARES Division’s Orbital Debris Program Office, whose mission is to determine the total amount of orbital debris and predict the risk it poses to spacecraft, including the International Space Station.
  • Custom Hydraulic Fittings: The Right Hydraulic Fitting for Your Application

    A custom hydraulic fitting solution can ensure you have the right concept, design, and material for a perfect solution. Without the right hydraulic system connections, machinery will not work effectively or efficiently to provide the desired result. Sometimes, the only way to ensure a proper fit for your application is with a custom hydraulic fitting solution from Air-Way Global Manufacturing.

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