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Engineering Capabilities: Trust Our Experience in Custom Designs

Monday, October 24, 2022

At Air-way Manufacturing, our engineering capabilities allow us to specialize in custom designs for fittings that are specific to your hydraulic application. We work directly with OEM engineers and product managers to ensure a high-quality final product that functions correctly.

Unlike the competition, Air-Way owns the entire manufacturing process. This means that we can provide our clients with manufacturing capabilities and design expertise to help solve unique production problems and alleviate critical and detrimental situations. Thanks to our process, we help keep our customers' production schedules on track. Not to mention, our fast response times, experienced team, and innovative solutions that set us apart from the rest.

Engineering Backed by Experience

Our custom fittings are designed, tested, and manufactured in-house at our U.S. locations. Directly partnering with OEM engineers and product managers allows our engineering team to design fittings that are specific to your hydraulic application. Utilizing our extensive experience allows us to deliver solutions that assist OEM engineers in efficiently prototyping, qualifying, and rapidly transitioning from concept to production. We always keep your needs in mind during our process: production timeline, budget, hydraulic pressure tolerance, location, clearance, and function. Our team asks the right questions to make sure a quality product is delivered on-time.

Testing Capabilities That Result in High-Quality Custom Designs

When you partner with Air-Way for a custom design, we begin by working with your engineering team to develop the appropriate proto-type and qualification plan. This allows us to ensure you always get a part that is exact to your specifications and project requirements. We create a CAD solid model for your initial fitting concept. These CAD/CAM drawings jumpstart the beginning or the development and design phase. Then, a production prototype is made to test that the design functions properly.

At Air-Way, we have extensive testing capabilities that allow us to validate designs in-house. Our industry-standard qualification testing includes:

  • Cyclic endurance (impulse) testing

  • Static pressure testing

  • Salt spray testing

  • Gravimetric cleanliness testing

  • Torque coefficient testing

  • Customer testing as required

We’re very proud of our hydraulics lab, which allows us to perform custom testing as required, supported by our design. Plus, our research and development team design and build custom assembly equipment from design to delivery. Some of these machines are using the latest control solutions on the market. This gives us vertical integrated capabilities that our competitors just cannot match.

Custom Designs: No Matter the Industry

Since 1950, Air-Way has been the industry preferred source for customized hydraulic fittings and adapters. All of this experience has allowed us to work across almost every industry, including construction, forestry, agriculture, oil, and gas, marine, material handling, and defense. No matter your industry, you’ll find our team of experts ready to help you meet the changing demands of your specific hydraulic fitting needs.

See all of the industries we serve and reach out today to talk to one of our experts about how we can assist in your next project.

Collaboration in Hydraulic Custom Design Starts with Air-Way

Don’t get left out of the conversation. At Air-Way, we know that collaboration and feedback are key pieces to creating an outstanding product. Our technical engineers work in conjunction with customer in-house development teams to review drawings and solid models, develop hydraulic fittings that support specialized applications, and manufacture them based on jointly approved specifications.

Our specialties don’t stop at customization – and it’s due to our commitment to quality manufacturing, technical expertise, and customer collaboration. 

Reach out today to get started with your next custom design or any of your hydraulic fittings needs.


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