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70 Plus Years & Still Investing in Innovation

Monday, March 27, 2023



By engaging our skilled team to grow our financially strong and community-focused company, we have been in the business for 70-plus years and we’re still working hard by investing in innovation within the manufacturing industry.

As expertly highlighted in manufacturing.net’s article, investment in cutting-edge technology is vital for the whole manufacturing industry. The manufacturing sector is a fast-changing, cut-throat industry. Continuing to invest and innovate will ensure your company is working towards important goals.

●      Sustaining growth and meeting demand

●      Ensuring quality

●      Innovating effectively

●      Increasing speed

●      Mastering complex systems

●      Reducing cost

Adapting to Anything - Since 1950

Founded in 1950, Air-Way Manufacturing Company specializes in the manufacturing and supply of hydraulic fittings and adapters for Original Equipment Manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Our history of collaboration with our customers for specially designed hydraulic applications, has established Air-Way as an industry-preferred source for customer-specific manufactured adapters. 

We are proud to serve major markets including: construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, material handling, marine, industrial equipment and more.

Our Commitment to Innovation

At Air-Way, we are committed to innovation. Recently, our team ventured to Italy to train on a new piece of equipment where we made over a 7-figure investment that has been received into our Hamilton, Indiana facility.

This rotary transfer technology equipment will improve efficiencies, and reduce setup times and cycle times. Currently, the equipment is in place, and functional. This equipment will be expanded upon in the future as we update our manufacturing technology.

Another innovation we are making is adding robotic arms for feeding work to several of our CNC Vertical Machining Centers. This addition will provide more free time to our operators to perform more value added activities while the machine is running production.

We take pride in staying up to date with all of the current trends and improvements in the manufacturing industry. Anything we can do to improve the experience of our team and our customers is worth the investment. That’s why you’ll continue to see Air-Way push the boundaries of what is possible.

Let our adaptable team at Air-Way help you with your next project. With a commitment to innovation, we are here to help. Reach out today to start a conversation with our expert team.

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