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4000 Series O-Ring For SAE J-1926/2/3 Stud Ends

JIC/ORFS Conversion Fittings

Line Drawing ORings for SAE J1926 2 3 Stud Ends

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4000 series O-Rings for SAE J1926 2 3 Stud Ends Table


Type CH

Type CA

Type HK


Nitrile Elastomer, 90 Durometer Hardness, for petroleum based fluids

EPDM Elastomer, 80 Durometer Hardness, for water based hydraulic ornonpetroleum based fluids

Fluorocarbon Elastomer, 90 Durometer Hardness, for petroleum ornonpetroleum based fluids

General Service

High pressure applications of pneumatics, water based hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, and gasoline

High pressure applications of nonflammable hydraulic fluids of phosphate ester base type

High pressure, high temperature applications of pneumatic, water based hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, and fuels


-35°C to 125°C (-30°F to 250°F)

-40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 250°F)

-15°C to 275°C (5°F to 525°F)

Shore Hardness

90 pts ±5 pts

80 pts ±5 pts

90 pts ±5 pts


100% min

150% min

100% min


10 MPa min

10 MPa min

10 MPa min


Nitrile (Buna-N) to ASTM D 2000 or SAE J200 M4CH910B14E015E35Z1
Z1 = TR 10 temperature –21° C or lower. Alternate Low Temperature
Product Test, 5 hours at –30° C, rings compressed 25% of ID, no cracks.

EPDM to ASTM D 2000 or SAE J200

Z1 = TR 10 temperature –15°C or lower (similar to MIL-R 83248 Type 1,Class 2)


When assembling Type CH O-Rings with O-Ring style fittings, the O-Ring shall be coated with the fluid used or petrolatum before assembly to ease installation.

When assembling Type CA O-Rings with O-Ring style fittings, lubricate the O-Ring with the fluid used in the system. Do not use a petroleum-based lubricant.

When assembling Type HK O-Rings with O-Ring style fittings, the O-Ring shall be coated with the fluid used or petrolatum before assembly to ease installation.

1. Type CH(HI-TEMP) Air-Way part #4002, 90 Durometer Nitrile Compound, temperature range –32°C to 135°C(-25°F to 275°F). compounds National O-Ring Compound C67-90, Parker Seal Groove Compound N1059-90.


Features, Adjustable and 0-Ring Fittings

0-Ring ports and stud ends per SAE J1926/ISO 11926 are the preferred port connection for use in hydraulic systems on industrial equipment and commercial products. The adjustable and 0-Ring fittings described in this section provide a variety of options for connections between tube, hose or pipe ends to SAE J 1926/1 /ISO 11926-1 straight thread 0-Ring ports or SAE J518 fourbolt flange ports. Fitting styles are available with male 37 degree tube ends, female 37 degree swivel ends, male or female NPTF pipe ends, female pipe swivels, adjustable and non-adjustable 0-Ring studs, female 0-Ring ports and low pressure beaded hose stem fittings.

The designs of the straight thread 0-Ring stud per SAE J1926/3/ISO 11926-3 and the 37 degree flared fitting tube end per SAE J514/ISO 8434-2 are identical for either inch or metric tubing. With the exception of stock size, the flared tube fittings described in this section are interchangeable with the equivalent "inch" straight thread 0-Ring stud fittings per ISO 8434-2. All 37 degree fitting styles are also available with the optional FLARE-O® tube end design.


Where applicable, fittings are designed and qualified to the requirements of SAE J514 and/or SAE J1926/3/ISO 11926-3. Beaded hose stem ends conform to SAE J1231 and are intended for suction or low pressure lines, typically less than 300 psi.


Unless otherwise specified, fittings are machined from cold drawn carbon steel barstock and forgings. Standard plating is electrodeposited zinc with a clear trivalent chromate conversion coating in accordance with ASTM 8633 (Type V SC2}. The minimum salt spray resistance is 240 hours to red corrosion when tested in accordance with ASTM B 117


  • Straight Threads: Internal and external straight threads conform to the Unified National Class 2A and Class 28 Series respectively, with modified minor diameters where specified. Maximum diameters of plated external threads may conform to Class 3A maximum diameters after plating.
  • NPTF Threads: Male and female pipe threads conform to the Dryseal American Standard Taper Pipe Thread (SAE J476a, NPTF} Series which will provide pressure tight joints without the use of a lubricant or sealer. Use of these fittings with non-dryseal NPT pipe or hose ends is not recommended for high-pressure applications.

Note: Where not functionally objectionable, use of a compatible lubricant/sealant is recommended for either NPT or NPTF threads to minimize the possibility of galling in assembly.

Assembly Information

For assembly instructions, refer to the Technical Data Section of our catalog for the appropriate fitting end. Also, refer to the Technical Data Section for recommendations regarding tubing pressure ratings, tube flares and hose/tube routing information. Please note the following:

Tubing for single flare tube ends should be either seamless or welded and drawn, fully annealed tubing per SAE J524 or J525. For double flaring, tubing per SAE J356, J524, J525 or J526 may be used.

For proper sealing with 37 degree flared fittings, flares for tubing should conform to the requirements of SAE J533. For heavy wall tubing, the optional tube preparation and single flare configuration specified in SAE J533 is also recommended. This optional configuration provides extended sealing surface contact area versus conventional flares.

In the design and fabrication of tubing or hose runs for any hydraulic system, precautions should be taken to allow for sufficient adjustment of the hose or tubing so that proper alignment can be attained at the fitting connections. Improper fit-up or misalignment should be corrected before final connections are made. Location of fitting connections should be planned to maximize accessibility. Whenever possible, use a torque wrench to tighten connections to the recommended torque.

Ordering Information

Size of fittings are indicated by dash number relating to sixteenths of an inch for the nominal O.D. of the tube size used. Example: 1 /2 inch tube = 8/16 or (-8) size.

Order standard fittings from appropriate chart indicating required dash numbers. For example, 6405-8-6-0 is 1/2" 0-Ring stud end with 3/4-16 straight thread, and 3/8" female pipe thread. Jump size 6405-16-8-0 is 1" 0-Ring stud end with 1 5/16-12 straight thread and 1 /2" female pipe thread. Pictorial views for each fitting style indicate the correct numbering sequence for fitting ends.

Adjustable and 0-Ring fittings may be purchased in various stages of assembly. Catalog numbers include NWO as standard. For example, 6801-10-10-NWO would be assembled with "N"- Nut, "W"- Washer and "O"- 0-Ring. 6801-10-10NW would be assembled with "N"- Nut and "W"- Washer only.

If information is needed for jump sizes not shown, please contact us for engineering assistance.

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